Monday, March 16, 2015

Chameleon Markers and Perfect Paper Crafting Team up!

Welcome to a post about Chameleon Markers and Perfect Paper Crafting Tools! You all know I'm a Copic girl, so I was very interested in seeing how these new markers compared to my Copics. I am pretty impressed with them and they have definitely earned a spot on my desk among my other favorite markers. 

 The Chameleon Pens really excel in their ability to get a beautiful shaded result in small areas... something that I think people really struggle with using Copic Markers. I colored this Daisy Image from Impression Obsession three times to make my stacked flower on this card. AND I only used two markers total! I stepped out the three flowers for you to see the difference in the coloring.

 Above is the top flower in my layers. I wanted this one to be the lightest in color. I infused the Y03 marker tip for about 15 seconds before I started coloring down each petal, drawing the darker color out as I colored. I added a few little texture dots here and there.

 Above is the second flower in the stack. I wanted to have the shaded color a little bit darker so I only infused the tip with the blender solution for about 10 seconds before starting to color each petal. It's really effortless to get results with these markers. I know a lot of people may be thinking waiting for the infuser is wasting time or takes too long.... but I don't think so. If you were blending with multiple markers to create the even color blends you would be spending at least 10 seconds, if not longer. 

 On my last image, I colored the petals completely with Y03 Warm Sunset - no infusing, just flat coloring. I then used a lighter hello, YL2 Summer Sun, to gently remove some color from the petal edges. I only did this around the edges since I knew the center portions would be hidden.

 You can see how the three flowers were cut apart. They were assembled again after I curled the petals a bit and added foam tape in between layers for dimension.

Of course I use my Mini Perfect Layers whenever I can to create my layers. It takes all the angst out card making since you don't have to measure!

 I needed to get the silver die frame in perfect place before I ran it through my die cutting machine. The small grid on the Perfect Cutting Mat makes this easy. I use my ruler to just help "sight" that I'm even as I tape my die in place.

 Here's the up close. You can see the contrast those tiny layers help provide to a card. Each layer stands out. I've used the 1/8"and the 1/16" inch on my card front. These are perfect sizes for cards. 

On the inside I added a simple sentiment. I think if you are using layers on the front, then you should do the same on the inside. It makes for a nice balanced card in how it feels as well as how it looks! 


  1. Okay you, what a bad influence!!! I had to get these dies the minute I saw them!!!! Where else.....on your blog. It is great to be back, but now I am poor again. LOLOL Your card if fabulous and I just took a look at the IO flower die below and had to have that too! You are nothing short of spectacular. TY again for asking about me while I was gone! Big hugs,

  2. Simply beautiful Jenny! Always love your perfect coloring! Thank you for the tutorial :) !!!

  3. Hi Jenny, thanks so much for showing us these Chameleon pens, I have been impressed with them an on my wish list.Your card is gorgeous.