Saturday, September 4, 2010

Laugh Loud......

Now that Copics have taken over my cards.... I have to remind myself to emboss! When I first saw something embossed it was like Christmas morning -- my eyes got wide, my jaw hung open and I was instantly hooked on this crazy hobby. I love embossing and especially embossing on pattern paper. I did a three card tutorial for Outlines featuring simple gold embossing, many of the cards feature gold embossing using pattern paper, I love the way it looks, with the gold being so shiny and raised. When I was making these cards, I kept asking myself why I don't reach for my heat gun more often! 
LINK to Outlines where you can see full instructions and stamps used for these these cards.
LINK to a pdf file that you can print out with full instructions.


  1. Great card. I feel the same about embossing! Great sentiment! Thanks for all the times you've made me laugh LOUD!!

  2. This is really pretty Jenny. I am so scared to emboss on patterned paper. I need to try it.

  3. Greetings from Buffalo, NY! This is a beautiful card Jenny! You've inspired me to try embossing on patterned paper. Thank you for sharing the links with your other cards and instructions too. Outlines is lucky to have you!! debbie pokerwinski