Monday, August 17, 2009

The Winner is....

I have a stupid summer cold... I was trying to spend my evening getting well on the couch watching some TV. I have no idea what made me all of a sudden perk up and remember that I was supposed to post the Winner tonight... but something clicked in my doped up, Day-Quil mind that reminded me! I apologize for being LATE!
So, with out any more rambling from me.....
The blog candy winner left me this comment...
If Ravengirl will please email me with your info...
I will happily ship the goodies to your doorstep. I have to go find the Kleenex now.


  1. I'm sorry you are so sick! That is rotten! I just had the worst episode of allergies I have ever had on Saturday. Thanks so much for the lovely blog candy!

  2. Bummer, that your sick! Hope your cool, at least. Muggy where I am, would hate a cold. Congrats Ravengirl!

  3. Ugh - a summer cold - that stinks because it's not suppose to happen! Hope you feel better soon! And don't operate any heavy rubber while you are under the influence of your cold meds! Don't want the rubber to get hurt *snort*....

  4. Awww, so sorry you're sick. Feel better soon!

    Sue P Snellville, GA