Friday, February 20, 2009

Chase Life

Here I am. I took three days off from blogging-- so send me the bad blogger award. I feel guilty. But I'm back now! With a "cat" card, of course! This funny little kitty is from Rubber Soul and I had to get him because I have a friend who has a black cat who looks just like this -- I promise you! Big fat cat body on four little stick legs. We call him a "Sausage on Sticks" - but his real name is Weylan. Anyhow... An easy little card. Some nesties and airbrush action, some funky little ribbon and bits of embellishments. A quick run of a Cuttlebug Folder. Fat cat card, Done. Finished card size is an A2.


  1. I love this guy! I'm worse these days about keeping up on my blogging -- too busy!

  2. Great card and a perfect sentiment! I love how the loopy fringe adds to the theme, something any cat would need to investigate. It looks like my knitting yarn after my cats get into it. I came home one night and everything in my living and dining room had been tied together with a full skein of yarn! Took forever to untangle.

  3. I can see a kitty going wild over that fringe!

  4. Cute kitty!!! Great card as usual!

    Peace and Luv,