Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kitty Drama

  • So, have you noticed my changing kitty image on my blog banner.... Well, here's the behind the scenes scoop. Some time ago, the talented Michelle Laycock designed a watermark for me and she incorporated a darling kitty image in with my name. She got the image from a website that had it posted it as free clip art. I then had Digi Queen Heather Taylor make a new banner for me, also giving her the kitty image to use for the banner. I loved it! So I'm using this darling image all over the place as a watermark for my cards and it's front and center on my banner. Then I am surfing around one night.... and come across Pink Cat Studio.... and what do I see, but my darling little kitty. This kitty image originally was designed by Melissa the owner of Pink Cat... and it is her main logo image with a whole line of themed stamps using this kitty. I immediately contacted Melissa at Pink Cat Studio and asked if she had given permission to have her image out there as freeware, ummmm... NO. The website had posted the image as free clip art, with no credit given and no permission. I want to be very clear that Michelle, Heather and I had no idea this was not free clip art, all involved are creative people that respect copyright materials and give creative credit where it is due. Melissa from Pink Cat was unbelievably super sweet and said that I could continue to use the image. I didn't feel quite right about that.... this is just my little blog... that image is part of her business. So.... I pulled darling kitty from my watermark and removed from my blog banner asap. To wrap this up.... my long time stamping buddy/digi queen/ artist /friend Heather Taylor has designed a custom cat logo for my use, and I retain the copyright to this image. I am not as concerned with others using my image as I was about using someone else's art. The website that had the image posted as freeware has removed it after being contacted by Pink Cat Studio. I want to thank Melissa for her very understanding attitude and for creating such a cute kitty... have a feeling I'll be placing an order at Pink Cat soon! Michelle and Heather, I thank you both for your help and quick response.
    So here is my new CUSTOM kitty designed for me by Heather. Many thanks to Heather!
    I love my new One Eyed Krafty Kat!!!

    All of these ladies are so talented and creative... if you have a minute head over and take a look.

Heather Taylor's blog

Melissa from Pink Cat

Michelle Laycock's website


  1. What a lovely job you do marketing!! *lol* Thanks for the sweet words... =)

  2. I love your new, very special kitty. (Copyright not copy cat!) Very elegant, like many of your cards.

    Sue P Snellville, GA