Thursday, July 10, 2008

Come see...

My blog has a brand new look, thanks to the very talented Heather Taylor.
I have known Heather for several years through various wonderful stamp groups. Her art and creativity continue to inspire me in new ways all the time. Since Sunday, Heather and I have been going back and forth with versions of my banner and new little watermark. I told her at the beginning "oh... I'm not picky" well turns out I am very picky... "don't like that", "put this there", "the cat looks weird like that" get the ugly picture. Heather was a dream to work with and her creative vision was right on target with the ideas I had in my head for my new banner. So zillions of thanks to Ms. Taylor for creating a new banner that I love and for putting up with me and my changes through the process. If you have a minute please head to Heather's blog "oohlalaartsy"where you will find oodles of creative inspiration and information.
Thanks Heather! I love it!

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