Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blog Candy Winner

So I cut up all the names and put them in a bag.... Went to my husband and said please pick one out of the bag. He said "If it's tasks, I don't want it". He has the day off and I've been planning things for him to do like garage cleaning... I told him "It's not tasks, just pick one". He picked one. Then said "What is this for anyway" I said it's for Blog Candy, to which he replied "What? You're not speaking English". I explained but he still didn't get it. SO upstairs I went. On to the winner... which happens to be my step-mother... I promise the picking was legit, ask the husband!

The winner is Barbara S.who left the comment
"I check at least 5 blogs every day - kind of a treat to myself. Thanks for the blog candy- would really like to have this set."

Thanks to everyone who left a comment.

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