Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Space

My Space.... I think I'm too old for a my space page.... so here is my space IRL... My Stamping Space! I've been a bad blogger and have not been posting as regularly as I promised myself that I would. Sorry. I now promise too to do better! So before I left on vacation I picked up, shoved in drawers, and semi cleaned my stamp room.... I wish I had a little OCD when it came to cleaning and organizing. I just wanted it presentable so my friend who stays with the cat would not see what a complete nut I was with a million things piled up and not put away. When we came back from Vegas I said hmmm... still looking halfway presentable... I think I'll take a picture to post. So here is what it looked like.... it is already back to tornado desk state..... on to the pics......

This is my non-SU 12x12 paper in the floor rack, more SU sets peeking out from behind the door. I guess I have a few punches. Remember cassette tapes.... well some ink pads are on the wall in yes... and old cassette tape rack!

You can see cards on the wall - some I made, some I have received. But I love to look at them while I'm stamping. In the corner are all my large backgrounds stamps... those never get put away. In the right lower corner are my treasured nestabilities - I have each style on a hinged circle ring always at my side! My desk it is bar height, I am 6' tall so when I sit to work (coloring/painting) at a regular table my lower back hurts, this table works for me perfectly....When I purchased it, my husband and I tried to bring it in the front door.... well we got it STUCK halfway! I mean STUCK... neither one of us is very handy or mechanical... so it took over an hour for us to realize we could unscrew the legs.... another 30 minutes for my husband to find the right tool. Then the taking off of the legs--- mind you, the table is still stuck so it is very awkward positions! Meanwhile the entire time I sat guarding the open door so our bad cat could not escape. I can only imagine what the neighbors were thinking.... a comedy show right across the street. The we had to maneuver it up the stairs... a lot of four letter words were flying! We have both vowed we will never ever move this table again... the mover's can do it or else we are leaving it in the house!

All of my SU paper and other paper I use regularly is filed in the tubs in the left picture. The tabs have the color of the paper and item number printed on the actual paper of that color.

Anyone want to come and organize my room? I can pay you in paper and stamps!
I'm off to create.... I PROMISE to post some cards ASAP!
Thanks for visiting my little corner of blog world.


  1. I think your room is great! It's nice to see a stamp room belonging to someone who has as much stuff as I do! We have alot of the same punches, too. I have that same over the door thing but finally took it down because I had too many punches to fit and found I wasn't using them as often. I kept it just in case, since they don't make them any longer.

  2. I have actually organized stamp rooms/business materials for many demos!

    I think you have an excellent start, and don't really need me to come there at all! Where do you live?


  3. Wow, I think your stamp room looks fabulous, and I'm totally envious! Plus, it looks way more organized than my little corner... Happy you!